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Riding the Segway Ninebot Mini Pro

May 11, 2016

Story from PC Mag... AS VEGAS—Segway was supposed to revolutionize the world, but instead it became the provenance of tour guides and beach cops. And as "hoverboard" scooters became the big craze of 2015, Segway held back. But in February, the Segway Ninebot Mini Pro is finally coming to the U.S., and it really shows what a $1,299 scooter should do. Legit models of two-wheeled "hoverboard" scooters, mostly derived from a model by Chinese company Chic Robotics, start at around $400 (for the affordable Swagway X1) and work their way up to $1,500 without much differentiation. Once Swagway set the bar, it became a little hard for the PhunkeeDucks of the world to justify charging over a grand for very...

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Ninebot obtains the world's first US UL2272 safety certification authorization certificate for self -balancing vehicles

May 05, 2016

On April 29, 2016, the global innovative short -distance transportation brand Ninebot obtained US UL (Underwriter Laboratories Inc) safety certification, making it the world's first and currently only enterprise in the field of self -balancing vehicles to have passed UL2272 safety standard tests. This demonstrates the company's world leading position in the area of product quality and safety. Self-balancing vehicles have increased in popularity in recent years, making for a more chaotic industry with varied product quality and negative press that extends to legitimate players. The exploding hoverboards reported in the US last year, for example, resulted in Amazon withdrawing a large quantity of self -balancing vehicles from sale. At the end of December, the US government banned the import...

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Always nice to see your pic

April 15, 2016

Can't take credit for inventing the ‪#‎ninebot‬ but cool that hoodriderz popped up on the website today!

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